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"Every Italian citizen is entitled to a free treatment cycle year agreement with the National Health Service by submitting the recipe of your primary care physician (excluding payment of € 55.00 ticket)"
Our waters, arising from volcanic sources at very high temperatures and have properties sulphurous salsobromojodiche. Known since the times of ancient Romans, who appreciated the therapeutic and relaxing properties, they have had prestigious moments during many centuries. Even today, on the basis of the oldest sciences, spa treatments are indicated for many diseases. Every Italian citizen is entitled to a free treatment cycle year agreement with the National Health Service by submitting the recipe of your primary care physician (except pay the ticket of € 55.00) The contracted diseases are the following:

Rheumatic diseases

Osteoarthritis and other degenerative forms (primary osteoarthritis or secondary to trauma, localized or diffuse); extra-articular rheumatism (periarthritis of the shoulder, tendinitis, muscular rheumatism, fibromyalgia, low back pain, neck pain, etc.).

Spa therapy indicated

  • Therapeutic baths with therapeutic mud baths

Compilation of prescription:

  • Sludge with therapeutic bath cycle
  • Cycle of therapeutic baths
Diagnosis: osteoarthritis or extra-articular rheumatism.

O.R.L diseases

Rhinopathy vasomotor chronic laryngitis Chronic sinusitis Tubal stenosis Chronic catarrhal otitis Chronic purulent otitis not colesteatomatose

Spa therapy indicated

  • Inhalations
  • Course of treatment for deafness

Compilation of prescription:

  • Cycle of care for deafness rhinogenous; is equally desirable to associate "chronic" the natural diagnosis of catarrhal otitis. It's also acceptable diagnosis of tubal stenosis.

Respiratory diseases

Syndromes chronic bronchial-rhinosinusitis Simple chronic bronchitis or accompanied obstructive component (excluding asthma and advanced emphysema complicated by severe respiratory failure or chronic pulmonary heart disease)

Spa therapy indicated

  • Inhalations
  • Integrated cycle of pulmonary ventilation

Compilation of prescription:

  • Cycle of inhalation treatments; diagnosed with ENT or pneumological "chronic" (example: chronic pharyngolaryngitis, chronic sinusitis, etc.); the forms of asthma and severe emphysema (to be specified). And 'acceptable diagnosis of vasomotor rhinopathy.
  • Integrated cycle of pulmonary ventilations, apply the advice given at the inhalation treatments and diagnostics are enough indications of chronic bronchitis or B.P.C.O. (Bron-chronic obstructive copneumopatia)

Gynecology diseases

Painful sclerosis of the pelvic connective scar and regressive nature Leukorrhoea persistent chronic nonspecific vaginitis or dystrophic

Spa therapy indicated

  • Vaginal douches with bathroom
  • Vaginal douches

Compilation of prescription:

  • Vaginal irrigation; indicate "chronic vaginitis diagnosis"
  • Vaginal irrigation; with bath indicate "chronic adnexitis diagnosis"

Vascular diseases

Sequelae of chronic venous diseases (Varicose veins and their complications, was post-flebitico recently and after-effects of phlebitis, venous congestive disorders, lymphedema, etc.).

Spa therapy indicated

  • Cycle of cures for peripheral vascular disease/li>

Compilation of prescription:

  • Cycle of care for peripheral vascular; indication of "after-effects of chronic venous diseases".